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Pricing & Payment

Find class pricing and pay tuition on this page. Learn about family and group rates, as well as private hourly rates by instructor rank. You can setup automatic monthly recurring payments.

Programs & Pricing

Gracie Combatives® - 2 x week

$160 / Month

Attend classes Monday, Wednesday or Tuesday, Thursday

Gracie Combatives® - Unlimited

$200 / Month

Attend classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Master Cycle® - 3 x week

$180 / Month

Attend classes Mon / Wed / Friday OR Tu / Thurs / Friday

Jr Grapplers

$125 / Month

8-12 Years Old Children

Mat Munchkins

$60 / Month

3-4 Years Old Children

Women Empowered®

$75 / Month (1 x week)

$125 / Month (2 x week)

Attend 1 or 2 x week 

Women's Self Defense

Master Cycle® - 2 x week

$160 / Month

Attend classes Monday, Wednesday or Tuesday, Thursday

Master Cycle® - Unlimited

$200 / Month

Attend classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Little Champs

$125 / Month

5-7 Year Old Children

- 10-Day Trial -

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Pricing Info


Enrollment today will automatically enroll you into Auto Pay. Tuition must be paid on the 1st of the month to lock in your spot. If you are enrolling mid-month and would like to prorate your tuition please see the front desk. If you’re paying a prorated amount, please know that all future payments will be re-adjusted in the system to reflect a payment date of the 1st of each month & the payment will be for the FULL monthly tuition.

Currently, we do NOT have contracts, so if you need to cancel (or pause) for any reason you MUST cancel or pause prior to the 1st of the month by sending us an email to Emailing is currently the only way to cancel or pause a membership. If cancelling (or pausing) after the 1st of the month there will be NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Video Access:

A student must be a consistent paying member with an active Gracie University account for 8 consecutive months to be considered for promotion. This access is INCLUDED with your membership and it is ESSENTIAL that you start this as soon as you become a paying member. However, If you quit your membership and video access is paused on your account and turned back on, the 8 months will start over again. We understand that sometimes you may be out of town and/or may become ill. If this is the case, please make Professor Tony aware as soon as possible to avoid the video access account closure.

Enrollment INFO:

You can register today by using this link You may also download the My Studio APP for your convenience. If you do, please enter code: gjjco to access our school. The App allows you to have access to enrollment info, Referring a Friend for a $25 Credit on Tuition, and it also allows you the convenience of having all of the teaching schedules on your phone. Many students like to have the teaching schedules / calendars so that they know what is being taught in class on a particular day. 

Pausing Your Membership:

We understand that at times you (and/or your child) may go on an extended leave of absence or may have an unexpected surgery or circumstance. If this happens, we can only put the membership(s) on hold for a maximum of 2 months (per person). If you need to place your account on hold please email us at During this 2-month period your account will be charged $20 per month (per person) for CTC Family Member Video Access Fees.

Keeping this Video Access open is essential for promotional reasons. If getting promoted is not a concern for you, then we can pause your membership without the added fee. We will then end your Video Access, and then re-start your video access once you’ve returned. Remember that there is only a 2-month maximum on holds and that your promotional progress will start over.


We do NOT require contracts, but you can expect to be enrolled into Auto Pay. You will be charged on the 1st day of each month either by ACH Withdrawal or Debit / Credit Card. I will let you know that there is a small administrative fee for these options. Here is what they are: 1.5% fee for ACH & 3.15% + $0.55 for debit/credit card option. If you do not want to pay these extra fees you can pay cash / check at the front desk. 

Since there are no contracts, we do have one policy. If you wish to cancel your membership, please let us know prior to the 1st of the month so that you are not charged. After the 1st of the month there will be NO REFUNDS issued. 

Offers & Discounts

Multiple Program Discount:

25% off each additional program a student enrolls in. For example, if you are a Combatives or MC student and want to do Women Empowered. Full price for first program and 25% off second program.

Family Discounts

Family Discounts available for 3+ family members. Please inquire at front desk.

Veteran Scholarships

Veterans Scholarships available through the We Defy Foundation (80% or greater service connected disabled veteran) and Mission 22 if you qualify apply through their website.

Private Lessons

For more info to schedule a private lesson with your instructor of choice please email us at

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